Čestní členové týmu / Honorary members of the team

Honorary members of Dialogue – The Czech Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute are people who deserve credit for constituting the foundations to the development of GPT in Czech and Slovak republics. They are trainers from GPTI - Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute UK and GATLA – Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles.


Talia Levine Bar-Yoseph BA, MA (hons)Talia Levine Bar-Yoseph BA, MA (hons) – created the philosophy and framework of the gestalt training in Czech and Slovak republic from 1992 to 1998 and was the leader of this training.
Tali is a co-founder of the Jerusalem Gestalt Institute and a visiting trainer in several countries in Europe. She is the past coordinator of the post graduate Gestalt program at the Hebrew U. as well as a past head of the Gestalt MsC program at Metanoia Inst. London. She was the first Professional Continuing Education on the UKCP executive. Talia was on the editorial board of the BGJ and is now on the editorial board of the GR. She is a registered clinical psychologist since 1981, with vast experience in PTSD, cross cultural work and group work.
Talia is a business consultant in Israel, Europe and the USA. She has over 20 years experience working with multinational companies, social structures, family businesses as well as volunteering work with low profit organizations.
Talia published number of papers in professional journals and edited the book; The Bridge – Dialogues Across Cultures.


Caro Kelly MSc.
Gestalt Psychotherapist and Counselor, lives in London. She has worked in the field of education and as a counsellor and psychotherapist since the early 1980’s. She is a graduate of the Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute (UK). She is a Member of Gestalt Department Staff – primary tutor and trainer on the M.Sc. program in Gestalt psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute London. She maintains a private psychotherapy and supervision practice.



Jay Levin M.A. (Clin.Psych.)Jay Levin M.A. (Clin.Psych.)
clinical psychologist in South Africa, recently moved to the U.S. He completed training with the Polsters (1983) and GTILA. Publications include: the effects of detention and torture in South Africa and ethical issues confronting professionals in treating detainees. Jay was a community psychologist, in private practice, and has been training psychotherapists internationally for more than 10 years.


Rita Resnick Ph.D.Rita Resnick Ph.D.
has been Faculty Chair of GATLA's European Summer Residential Training Program since 1991. In addition to her private practice, Rita is actively training psychotherapists in the United States, Australia and Europe in both Gestalt and Couples Therapy. Her professional interests include the exploration of innovative and supportive approaches to supervision (Rita has published an article with Liv Estrup, M.A. „Supervision: A Collaborative Endeavor“ in the Summer 2000 issue of the Gestalt Review) and a devoted, passionate (and self serving) interest in the area of women growing older - menopause and mid-life vitality. An interview on Contemporary Gestalt Therapy with Rita and Robert Resnick has recently been published in the Tidskrift For Norsk Psykologforening – the Norwegian Journal for Psychologists.